Music Classes!

Hello LCV Families,

We are about to launch an exciting new program for our kids. Pasadena Conservatory of Music teacher, Elizabeth Sawitzke will be teaching a twice-monthly music class to our children. Each lesson will include a 30 minute session with the infants and toddlers followed by a 45 minute session with the preschoolers. These classes will focus on developing such musical skills as keeping a steady beat, playing rhythm patterns, singing melodic patterns and songs on pitch, understanding the mood of a piece of music, expressing emotion through music, and sensing musical form and structure. While musical development is our main goal, children will also gain confidence in themselves, learn to express their feelings through music, and develop better memory and mathematical skills.

Research shows that children benefit greatly from starting their musical education during early childhood and preschool years.

Teacher Elizabeth Sawitzke has been a dedicated music educator since 1994. She has been a faculty member at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music in the Piano and Young Musicians departments since 2004. She was a teaching assistant and accompanist at Interlochen Center for the Arts, and taught in the Arizona State University Preparatory and Conservatory division. Ms. Sawitzke completed a master’s in piano performance and pedagogy at Arizona State University and a bachelor’s of music in piano performance at University of Arizona. Her early childhood training includes Orff Schulwerk Level I and II certification at CSULA and further training from MusikGarten and others.

This program will be funded by the La Casita Verde Parents Advisory Committee (PAC). That means your donations are what makes this fantastic program possible!

The cost for a year of these lessons, including the supplies works out to $65 per child per year. An incredible value for two music classes a month with instruments for each student!

The PAC has already invested in the supplies to make the class hands-on, fun and productive for all of the kids. These include egg shakers, movement scarves, jingle bells and hand drums for each child.

If each family donates $65 per child to the PAC we will fully fund this program for one year! If any families are able to donate more it will go into an endowment to keep the program funded in the years to come. Tax deductible donations can come in many forms:

  • Cash or check made out to MWPCCC with “Music Class” written in the memo.
  • All Cafe Wednesday Donations for May will go directly to funding the music class.

Remember that every bit helps. If you can donate even $5 or $10 to this great program it will make a big difference. Every $5 covers one child for one month of music lessons.

We are excited to give our children a great start with their music education, thanks for all your help!

The La Casita Verde Parents Advisory Committee